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Q01:Why should entrepreneurs and business owners enter for awards?
It is because you need to learn how to earn the award by knowing exactly where to improve your business metrics and where other key aspects of your business you need to pay attention to. We never know how good we really are until we pitch ourselves against another person.

Q02: What is the Judging Criteria?
This is an award where the judging criteria is to look at the entrepreneur’s creativeness in coming up with solutions that becomes a business. You can talk about how your product or service solves a problem for a particular market; or how your hiring-&-training process saves you money and time while boosting productivity; or how your marketing strategies attract opens up a whole new market for you, etc.

Q03: Who is eligible to receive this award?
First, you have to be a Malaysian whose age is between 18 to 40 years old. So long you are born in between 1981 until 2003. Second, you must not be a bankrupt or going through any bankruptcy case. Third, you have a company that is registered with SSM. Fourth, you are not a JCI National Officer.

Q04: I am NOT a JCI Member, can I still join?
Yes, of course you can.

Q05: Can an Individual be nominated for this award?
Yes, we only accept individuals as nominees?

Q06: Can a corporation or company be nominated for this award?
No, this award is not meant for companies/corporations.

Q07: How many award categories are there?
There is only ONE (1) award category.

Q08: How can I apply for the award?
You can apply for this by going to our website at Or, you can directly contact our Nomination Officer, Kimmie Kim at +60.12.488.6431 (between 9am – 9pm).

Q09: What must I do after I have registered?
You will be given an account access via the email which you have registered with. Login to your dashboard via our official website. There, you are required to answer all questions presented to you. Also, you need to upload all necessary documents which are required.

Q10: In which language must the Nomination Entry be written in?
We only accept entries in ENGLISH. All other languages will be disqualified.

Q11: How are the award entries are being judged?
All entries will be screened-through to make sure that you meet our minimum requirement. Yours and your business profile will be audited by an independent third-party auditor. Then, the judges will read your nomination entries and score them according to our scoring sheet. From there, results will be tabulated. The Panel Judges will select TOP 30 Semi- Finalists to enter into an interview, where they need to present their business and answer questions from the judges. The Panel Judges will then select TOP 10 Finalists and TOP 3 Winners based on your performance during the interview in front of the Panel Judges.

Q12: What is the expected TIMELINE to complete the award?
Nomination closes on 30th June (Wednesday) 2021 at 6:00PM. Typically, you do need at least 3 – 5 Days to prepare and to handle all the questions in your dashboard. For first timers, our advice is to allocate at least 5-DAYS to work on your award because there is a WORD LIMIT for each section and you need to answer within those word limit.

Q13: Do I need to answer within the WORD LIMIT?
Yes, you do! We cannot be certain if you would be penalised, but we encouraged that you stick to the word limit.

Q14: How will I know that I have entered into the Top 30 Semi-Finalist?
The JCI CYEA committee will reach out to you in person to notify you via whatsapp and email that you have been selected to be in the Top 30. Also, we will conduct a Press Conference to announce the Top 30.

Q15: How are the judges selected for the Judging Panel?
Judges are selected based on solid results, reputation and credibility from their years of experience in business and corporate management. Each judge brings to the table his/her experience that can help the nominee to see a bigger picture from different angles.

Q16: Who will read my nomination entry?
All submission of entries are confidential and will only be used in the audit and judging process.

Q17: By when will the winners be notified?
Winners will be notified at least one (1) month before the award ceremony.

Q18: Who will be invited to the 2021 Award Ceremony?
In light of a strict adherence to social distancing, only Top 30 Semi-Finalists with two-other partners will be invited to the 2021 Award Ceremony.

Q19: Where will the 2021 Award Ceremony be held yet?
We will notify you as the date draws closer because it depends on the number of new covid-19 cases in our locality.

Q20: If I am unable to attend the Awards Ceremony, do I still qualify to win?
Yes, you do. Please notify us to have a representative to receive the award on your behalf.

Q21: I won the TOP 10 or Top 30 Finalist before, can I join again?
Yes, you can!

Q22: I won the TOP 3 Winner before, can I join again?
No, you cannot!

Q23: What is the application fee?
A non-refundable amount of Ringgit Malaysia One Thousand (RM1,000.00).

Q24: I still need to pay, isn’t this like ‘buying an award’?
Yes, you do need to pay to enter, but it does not guarantee a ‘WIN’ for yourself if you do not submit your nomination entry; or your entry is not selected into the Top 30; or you chose not to appear for the Top 30 interview; or the judges do not qualify your entry to the next stage, etc. You still need to put in some effort to win the award.

Q25: I still have questions that is not covered in this FQA, who should I contact?
Please reach out to us via [email protected]